What is Private Blog Network? Are they still effective?


What is Private blog network?

A private Blog network can be described as a network built to improve the ranking of a money site by initiating outgoing links from multiple websites to the money site.

what is private blog network

This is done for boosting the search engine rankings. When you create a website, you aim to get higher rankings on google, bing, yahoo, and many more famous search engines. 

You can also understand PBN as linking a pyramid or a wheel where multiple websites give links to the money site. Since PBN is a known method and a very effective way of improving the rankings, many people wish to adopt this method.

If you are doing or some person setting up a private blog network must make sure that he/she is not leaving any footprint behind.

Still, if you decide to sell the PBN's to give backlinks to other's websites too, it is no more a private' blog network because it is now exposed to the public.

Quick guide : How to build pbn

  • It would be best if you found an expired domain in the same niche as your money site. So, When you pass the link juice, it wouldn't seem odd. It will be relevant.
  • Make sure you are checking backlinks, archive history and anchor text of the expired domain very carefully.
  • P.S :  Must Read 4 Things Before buying expired domain
  • Once you are confident about the expired domain, you can register it carefully.
  • Host the expired domain you finalized.
  • Start setting up the theme and content of your website.
  • After publishing 5-6 content now start to give a link to the money site.
  • You must also update the content on your PBN sites. Treat your PBN as a real site.

Are Private blog network's still effective?

Short Answer : Yes, 100% they work.

If we talk about the present times, PBN is still as effective as ever. If you are doing it right, your site will definitely reach heights very efficiently. 

The risks that are involved in creating a PBN are always outweighed by the benefits of the network and therefore, it is still the most popular method of SEO. 

But, many people do it the wrong way and are stuck with the consequences. You should always treat PBN'S like a real blog.

Find some low difficulty keywords, Write a 1000 words article and publish it on your PBN site. If it ranks then you've googles Trust. Google follows E-A-T method. And if your PBN'S have google's trust. You are playing it safe. 

There are several things that you need to keep in mind, when you are giving link from Private blog network to your money site. Make sure your Private blog network is niche relevant. Its very important that you are giving backlink to an niche relevant site. 

It is no secret that PBN is a method of manipulating the website's ranking on search engines.

Companies like Google are entirely against playing through the loopholes of algorithm and would prefer the pattern which is developed through natural linking instead of creating forced backlinks to pass link juice and push the ranking of your website.

Therefore this method of SEO that is Private Blog Network Or PBN considered as blackhat.

If you are careful and do not leave any footprint while giving link to your money site, you may break Google Algo and pull your site to the top ranking. 

But, there are high chances that Google might suspect the manipulation, and you may lose all your website ranking.

The most important thing you must be careful while giving the backlinks on your PBN that never leave footprints. 

The common footprints will make your website very vulnerable as Google can easily detect the loopholes and may de-index all the sites you have. 



  • PBN'S can give you a super boost in your rankings. From 100 to 1
  • If you build your PBN'S properly without leaving any footprint, your ranking will be stable.
  • PBN'S are the fastest way to improve your rankings.


  • If your PBN'S are caught, Google may ban your site. And it will be nearly impossible to rank it again. 
  • It is a Blackhat technique. So you need to be cautious.
  • Suppose you are not careful while creating PBN. It can have adverse effects.


The benefits outshine the risks. Private blog network's are and will be effective. If you understand "How to manage it properly". That being said,

Here are some precautions you should always take before getting started with your Private blog network.

1. Treat your PBN like your own blog.

2. Don't spam it by giving irrelvant outbound links. Keep it natural.

3. Block all the bots of ahrefs, moz , semrush etc.

4. Keep pushing new articles on your private blog network. If you can't afford to hire a writer, use expired article hunter of Xpired.

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