How To Find Expired Domains Within Minutes

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Are you looking for a way that finds you high quality Expired Domains? If your answer is " Yes". Then your search is over in this article we are going to show you - How you can Find Expired Domains within Minutes.


In this article, we show an overview of Xpired as well as how to use Expired domain finder feature to its Extent. So when you log in, you will be redirected to the dashboard. And there, you will see an option of Expired Domain finder; once you click on that, you will see an Empty box, Advance Filter option, and maximum domain options.

Now you've to put a domain for crawling. You just can't insert a domain which has absolutely no authority. So for finding good authority domains in your niche here is an excellent method you can use.

Go over to detailed, and now you can see a list of top websites in different niches.

Find Expired Domains

For Example, I need a domain in tech niche, So what I will do is go over to tech niche list.

Here is an Important tip : Do not go for popular websites because they're crawled regularly, and you might not find good expired domains. 

For Example : Mashable or techcrunch.

So always go for the less popular domain in your niche. Now, As I said, we need an authority site. Once you've figured out which websites you want to crawl. Insert those domains in bulk da pa checker.

Now filter out the domains by Domain authority. Next step is we're going to use google dork to see if the domain has enough articles indexed.

You don't want to crawl a domain which has authority but very less articles—for example, e-commerce websites.

P.S : More articles, More chances of Expired Domains.

Now, As I've filtered out Pando, Now I will use the dorks. To see whether it has enough articles or not.

Most of the authority sites use their name in their title and Pando is no other. They're using their brand name in every title. So here I am going to use the dork

Find Expired Domains

Site:domain intitle:name

Now you can see there are more than 21,000 URL's indexed. It's not bad, but also it's not that good. I will suggest aim for more than 50,000 URLs.

Now you have to insert the domain in Xpired and let the crawl begin.

How To Find Expired Domains Using Advanced Filters :

So, if you are looking to create a long term blog, amazon niche website, PBN ( Private Blog Network ), or you wish to flip the expired domain, then Xpired is the best cloud-based tool.

When you click on advance filters, you will see options such as without hyphens and numbers, Maximum letters you want in a domain, Referring Domains, and Extensions.

A. Overview Of Without Hyphens and Numbers Filter :

When you select the option of without hyphens and number, Xpired will exclude all the expired domains which have hyphens and number in their name.

B. Overview of Maximum letters Filter :

With Maximum Letters filter, you can select how many letters you want in a domain name. It is the best filter if you are looking for an expired domain but at the same time rememberable too. You can find tons of branded expired domains with this filter.

C. Overview Of Referring Domains Filter :

If you don't know what is referring domains, here is a definition, "Referring domain is the domain from which you receive backlinks."

No doubt, Its the best feature any expired domain crawler can provide. But with Xpired, you can find expired domains that have high referring domains in a matter of few minutes. With referring domains filter, you can find high quality expired domain that has links from 100's of high authority domains.

D. Overview Of Extensions Filter :

Currently, Our Crawler Can Find.Com,Org, .Net, .Info,, .UK Soon, we are going to add new TLD'S. With Extensions Filter, you can filter out which TLD's expired domain you want.

This feature is a gem if you want specific domains.

E. Overview of Maximum Domains :

With Xpired, you can have the full control of how much-expired domains you need. With Maximum domains Filter, you can select how much-expired domains you need from the authority website, and according to that, your credits will be debited.

How Credits System works for Expired Domain Finder :

Many people have the confusion of how do we debit the credits. If I have to put in simple words, 1 Expired domain = 1 Credit.

With the Maximum domain filter, you have the full control of how much your credits should be debited. If you've selected 100 in the dropdown menu of Maximum domains filter and if Xpired finds 100 expired domains.

One hundred credits will be debited from your account. If Xpired was not able to find 100 expired domains and it just found 36 expired domains. It will only debit 36 Credits from your account.

If a domain doesn't have expired domains we will charge 1 credit as our tool crawled the whole website. That's why I would highly recommend that you crawl authority domains only. If the project fails due to technical error, we instantly refund the credit. 

You can find all the credits debited from your account under the tool usage option. Tool usage allows you to see all the credits we've debited with Proper Data.

How to Analyze Expired Domain USING XPIRED ?

In Xpired, we have integrated metrics such as Domain authority, Page authority, Referring Domains, Spam Score, Dofollow/Nofollow ratio count, Trust flow and citation flow for analyzing the expired domains.

As all these metrics give you a broad idea about the expired domain, but recently we have introduced a referring domains checker tool with this tool of Xpired you can dive deep to analyze the expired domain.

Also, with Xpired you can save your favorite expired domain in case you want the buy the domain later.

P.S: This is just an overview, you can find awesome tweaks using Xpired and explore the world of expired domains.


Conclusion :

You can use Xpired and tweak its feature like no other Crawler. With its advanced filter you can find excellent domains within minutes. We are always looking to add new filters and features to make this tool the Best of all.

If you have any questions regarding our expired domain finder tool please feel free to contact us on facebook or on mail. We are more then happy to help you

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