4 Great Benefits of Buying Expired Domains



Before we discuss benefits of buying expired domains, you should know what are expired domains. If you already know you can skip this part.

So, Expired domains are domains, which aren't renewed after the contract ends. There can be several reasons for a person not to renew the domain like a failed project, lost interest in the business, not been able to dedicate time on the website, etc.

There is a life cycle for every domain. It will live till you renew; once you stop renewing it, it will expire.

Benefits of buying expired domains

P.S : I Hope that's not too confusing.

Before the domain is expired, it is on hold for several days. Once the grace period is over, it is available for sale again.

You can use Xpired to find expired domains, expired content, expired web 2.0 everything you want related to expired domains.

When you think of getting into an online business, you might always have thought of starting fresh with a new domain name.

But, to be honest expired domains are way better than a fresh domain as you have to start from scratch with the fresh domain.

With expired domain get benefits of SEO and link popularity, which adds a seed in increasing the ranking. 

Do-follow links, contextual backlinks, massively improve the value of a website. With an expired domain, you may get these along. Without investing time into creating backlinks.

You must also take care of the following things, because not just the number of backlinks is significant but also the quality of them plays an important role:

4 Things to keep in mind before buying expired domains

1. Check Backlinks

I've seen dozen's people buying an expired domain. Just because they have great Domain authority or Domain rating.

P.S : Potato, Potahto

I personally don't consider DA or DR, because no tool can check the quality of the backlink. They can just give an idea, but you've to check manually.

For checking backlinks, you can use ahrefs. But if you are using Xpired to find expired domains.

You don't need ahrefs because Xpired shows you the referring domains as well as the anchor text of the expired domain.

But anyway, If you are not using Xpired. Then ahrefs will be best for you. Check each and every referring domain thoroughly. 

You can use my technique. Check the ratio of do-follow and no-follow. I prefer 60% do-follow and 40% no-follow links.

2. Check Anchor Text

Secondly, check the anchor text. Don't just leave the domain if the anchor text is in Chinese language; that doesn't mean it is a spammy domain.

Translate the anchor text using google translator. And if it makes sense, you are good to go.

3. Check Wayback History

Third, Check Wayback history. Check if the domain was used for pbn or not. Check each and every posts and see if there outbound links or not. If the expired domain was not used for Link Farm. Congrats, you've found a gem domain with excellent metrics.

These are just a few steps. You can do to ensure you are registering a quality expired domain.

4. Check google ban

Well, this is one of the most important thing you should do before buying any expired domain. Many times the sites have great backlinks and clean wayback history, but they are banned from google. 

You can use Google Sandbox Checker to check whether the domain is banned or not from google.

But suppose if it's banned and you want the expired domain, then you can ask google to unban it by using google reconsideration tool.

4 Benefits of Buying Expired Domains

When you decide on getting an expired domain, you get the benefits of the time it was live as the previous owner would've created backlinks on several pages.

which is a boost for your online business even before you start working on it.

You can check the number of backlinks on ahrefs, moz, and semrush.

I prefer ahrefs, mostly because they are way better than any other tool available in the market for checking backlinks.

There are enormous benefits of buying expired domains and why people should buy it.

Below are given few points that second my opinion:

1. Expired Domains Gives You An Edge Over Fresh Domain

When you begin with a fresh domain, you need to start from scratch to build your site, from creating fresh content to creating backlinks.

Everything needs to be done from scratch.

While if you decide to buy an expired domain, you may get many things done for you as a complimentary platter.

You easily get the backlinks and all the leverages that had been earlier put into improving the SEO value, which can quickly help to improve your website rankings.

2. Ton's of quality Backlinks

When the website links to another, it is known as a backlink.

It is the most efficient method for improving a website's rankings.

The benefits of buying expired domains is that they have tons of quality backlinks. 

And due to this, they have great potential for ranking.

And if you know your stuff and properly use expired domains, your site can attract tons of visitors every month.

P.S : For Ton's of quality backlink you need to find quality expired domain

3. 301 Redirect of the Expired domain

You can also use the expired domain for redirection purpose.

You can easily do a 301 redirect via your registrar to your money site.

Why 301 Redirections?

Firstly, because the expired domain will pass all its link juice and it will directly help your money site to rank faster.

P.S : Not every expired domain will help you to rank faster.

Every expired domain has a different backlink portfolio.

You should check everything from anchor text to what kind of backlinks were made by the previous owner.

The major benefits of 301 redirects are, transferring all the link juice it has built over the past years would not go waste and is used by yourself instead.

The important thing while doing this is to make sure that the expired domain name is relevant to your current niche.

Don't redirect shitty expired domains to your money site.

4. FLIP it, make a INSTANT profit

When you sell your expired domain it is known as domain flipping when people purchase an expired domain, to sell them.

The sites with quality backlinks and clean history have a high market value, and people make 1000s of dollars in by selling these expired domains in the auction.

You can flip these domains at various marketplaces such as flippa, Dan, GoDaddy auctions, etc.

You can do your research for more domain marketplaces. 

Even you can sell expired domains on Facebook groups. Join groups related to domains, SEO, PBN, and then start flipping.

Many people are making 1000s dollars by flipping "Quality expired domains. "


You can always consider buying an expired domain and start ahead from what you might have to, with a new one.

The age of the domain, backlink quality, this will help you get a push to start working further and save you a little trouble. 

You must always check the google bans, to see if the domain is penalized or not by google earlier.

You do not want to buy an expired domain name that was used for spamming purposes.

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