What is a Domain Backorder and Best Domain Backorder Services?

Confused about what domain backorder is? What is drop catch? And how does domain backorder works? 
Domain Backorder
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What is a domain backorder?

Domain backorder is a service to help acquire domain name as soon it becomes available.

It can also be understood like putting a reservation on a domain name which is registered by someone else. 

And if the person doesn’t renew that domain, then you’re in the queue to getting it.

Few times, it is possible that the registered domain names are not renewed, or at times, they are allowed to expire because the usage of the domain might not be there, or business would have winded up due to any of the reasons.

If the owner forgets to renew the domain due to any of the reason, the registrar allows him to renew his domain within a short period of time also called a grace period.

Before you read further please read this article : What is pending delete cycle?

This period is permitted to the domain owner by the registrar for thirty days.

The domain enters a pending delete cycle once the redemption period is over, which is of thirty days.

The pending cycle lasts for five days, during pending delete cycle nothing is possible, neither the renewing of the domain nor repurchasing it by someone else.

After the completion of the pending delete cycle which is of five days, the pending delete domain expires and then without much further delay it is available to the public.

There would be a large number of people who would be willing to purchase the expired domain.

For getting this expired domain as soon as possible people use domain backordering services.

If someone wants some valuable expired domain names that are inexpensive, then the back-ordering domain would be the easiest method.

The registration of the domain in a quicker way is termed as catching, and if someone wants to register expired domains, then it is known as drop catching.

Is it sensible to backorder a domain?

Of course, it is sensible to backorder a high-quality domain.

If everyone wants to get a domain, then there would be some reason people like it.

It is highly possible that the domain has a great referring domains and would rank very quickly.

P.S: It’s like that hot girl in high school; everyone wants it. You get the gist, right?

The domain can get into a bidding war if it is valuable.

If the back-ordering is done for the domain, which is highly liked by people, then it would only set as a reminder to initiate the bidding process.

But If you’ve found a domain and you’ve backordered it, and no one else has done backordering for that domain then in this case you are getting the domain without any bidding process. 

Note : Bidding process is done when it is backordered by 2 or more people.

Domain Backorder

To backorder a domain you need domain backorder services.

These providers have massive servers which starts pinging as soon as the pending delete cycle is over and the domain is available. And they try to catch it as soon as possible. 

But, what is the best domain backorder services? Hold on, James bond. We’ve listed Top 5 best domain backorder services below.

What is the best domain backorder services?

1. Snapnames ( Recommended )

It is a Auction Marketplace that is known by everyone. There are domain names that are uniquely available only on their website.

It has various search functions to make the domain monitoring easy.

If the domain name is going to expire and available within 30 days, the users will be alerted through email.

2. Namejet 

It is also a Auction Marketplace that allows users to add preferred expired domain names to a personal domain name backorder list.

They have some unique domain names which are not allowed for auctioning.

The highest bidder for the domain name does not have to pay hidden fees up to one year of registration.

3. Dynadot

It is an accredited domain name registrar, and web hosting company wherein back-ordering services are done without any difficulty.

They make web domain acquisition and site hosting. The customers can place a backorder for the pending deletion of domains.

4. Drop catch

Drop Catch is a site where you can backorder the pending delete domain names.

The service makes you sign an agreement that is confidential and stays between Dropcatch and the user.

Signing the agreement states that you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement and will willfully follow them. 

5. Godaddy 

The back-ordering services on GoDaddy are quick and easy.

The domains are priced at $24.98 each inclusive of registration costs and one-year free membership.

They are willing to work at all different types of domains. It comes with the process of automatic bidding rather than auction.


Thus, the above mentioned were some of the best backorder services. 

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