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What is PBN ?

Before we jump to Best PBN hosting, Let's understand what is PBN.

A private Blog network can be described as a network built to improve the ranking of a money site by initiating incoming links from multiple websites to the money site.

PBN Hosting

If in case, Google would come to know that through PBN, links are being built to your money site, then the site would not last any longer, and your money site will be penalized along with your PBN's.

People mostly get caught by buying cheap hosting.

Because in shared hosting, the hosting provider hosts multiple sites on one ip, and it can lead to getting caught by Google.

That's why I only prefer VPS hosting or premium WordPress hosting provider.

What is PBN Footprint?

In simple words, A PBN footprint can be understood as a mark through which all your PBN's can be identified. 

What is PBN Footprint

As most of the PBN's are built to boost the ranking of money sites. So If any of your PBN gets caught, Google will look for similar marks and find rest.

If you leave any Footprints while building Private Blog network and google algorithm finds, then all of your PBN's and money site will be deindexed and penalized.

Things you should know before buying PBN hosting :

 1. Unique IP's

You should always host your private blog networks on unique IP's. It's tough to trace if the IP's are unique.

The IP address plays a massive role in leaving severe footprints that might lead to a suspicious track for Google to identify your PBN's.

2. Nameservers

If there are same nameservers on every PBN domain of yours, then Google can trace all of your private blog networks.

It is always safe and secure to have unique nameservers for each and every PBN.

3. SOA Records

The full form of SOA is State of Authority records.

For all the IP's, it stores the admin information. The DNS lookup tools can be used to see the SOA records. 

It would be good if there would be more variations in nameservers and IP addresses.

If you are building PBN take every measure you can, "precaution is better then cure".

4. Security 

So I had hosted my 10 PBN's on one of the PBN hosting providers.

One day, I open my PBN site to update the content. All of my content was gone, and some random content was placed on my pbn's with links to random sites. 

I immediately contacted the support team though they had the backup of my site.

But If I hadn't checked my PBN, all the effort would've been gone in vain. 

So You should choose a reputed and secured hosting provider for your private blog network.

Top 10 best PBN Hosting 

1. Bulkbuyhosting ( Recommended )

If anyone wants to host a private blog network, then Bulkbuyhosting is the best platform.It offers its services at a very cheap rate so that many people can afford it.

It allows you to have access to all the hosting accounts on a single dashboard. They provide unique nameservers and unique IP for each PBN. Its the best for PBN Hosting.

Starting Price : 10$ For 10 PBN Per month

2. Digitalocean 

Digital ocean is one best hosting provider as they've millions of IP. And If your PBN's are hosted on DO, then you are very safe.

Starting Plan : $5

Extra Info : 

It is the best platform for web developers to create apps in a quicker manner. If you are not a techy person then digitalocean can be tricky. But you can always learn through youtube

They also organize the Q&A forum to clear all the doubts that the customer might have.

3. Vultr

Vultr is also one of the leading VPS providers, and even they do have millions of IPs. And It's cheaper than DO.

Starting Plan : $2.5

P.S : Select Newyork location for getting $2.5 hosting

Extra Info :

Vultr is an self managed hosting, So you need basic tech knowledge to get started with them. You can easily install wordpress with the help of preinstalled systems and applications. 

They provide a very reliable service to the customers because they are available for them 24x7 if they have some technical problems. They have made the infrastructure deployment easier with the help of an advanced cloud platform for web developers.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is also a very reputed and secure hosting provider, and the cost incurred is $3.95/month. 

It is an excellent service to host your PBNs. The services they provide are reliable due to which many people who want to host their PBNs can contact them. 

Most people search for services where there would be fewer tasks, and the security would be high. With the help of Bluehost, there is higher safety in comparison to others. 

5. Ovh

It is one of the largest hosting platform wherein you can host your PBN, blogs, and forums.

They provide good security at an affordable price. The virtual private serves are ready to use instantly. It is a very easy process by using their WordPress 1-click module. You can easily install wp.

Starting price: 3.99$ Per month

6. GreenGeeks

In GreenGeeks, you can have various hosting options. They provide hosting options such as reseller hosting,

WordPress hosting, and VPS hosting, you can choose any WordPress hosting plan and host your Private blog network.

They provide customer support 24/7 so that their customers do not face any sort of problem. GreenGeeks WordPress hosting is affordable, and you can easily host your PBN on their platform.

Starting Price : 2.95$ per month

7. Siteground

Siteground is one of the top-rated web hosting providers. And it also does have unique IP's.

They provide you with automated WordPress migration along with a one-click WordPress installation. If you want to manage your PBN's, then Siteground is good, but it's expensive. 

Starting Price : 6.99$ per month

8. Hostgator

If you are not technical and want WordPress and everything managed for your PBN, Hostgator is the best platform. 

They will help you in getting hosting plans at an affordable price. You can contact them any time you want to through phone or chat. 

If someone is not satisfied with their service which they have provided, then you can request to refund the amount which has been paid earlier within 45 days of purchase. 

Starting Price : 3 $ Per month

9. Ipage

Ipage has many IP's, so there is no question of leaving a footprint, your PBN's will be safe. Ipage has a good support team. So if you're a non-techy, you don't have to worry.

If you are not satisfied with the iPage, then they will return you the money within thirty days without any interrogation. 

Starting price : 3.95 $ Per month

10. Fatcow

Note : Fatcow is owned by Ipage, So it's very similar to Ipage.

Fatcow is mostly known for many useful features, along with the affordable price. As Ipage owns them, they've many unique IP's. Their support team is also good, and they've good security.

Starting Price : 4 $ Per month

Above mentioned points might have given you an insight regarding the Best PBN Hosting through which you can choose which suits you the best.

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